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 SQL Server 2005's Correlated Joins

Read an article on an interesting new feature in SQL Server 2005, correlated joins using the APPLY statement.

In SQL Server 2000, you can't do something like this:

(SELECT TOP 3 * FROM LVCall WHERE LVTransactionID = lvt.ID ORDER BY CreateDate DESC) lvc on lvc.LVTransactionID = lvt.ID

But, in 2005 you can do this

LVTransaction lvt
SELECT top 3 *
WHERE lvtransactionID = lvt.ID
Order By CreateDate DESC
) as lvc

Read the full article...

 MS SQL Server 2008 SP1 now in CTP

We've been waiting for awhile on this to come about. The big feature add with this version is they added something called "Slipstream" which makes it easier to take your base SQL 2K8 install and combine it with hotfixes and service packs (you can also uninstall service packs without uninstalling everything).

Download SQL Server 2008 SP1 CTP

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