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 Jon Hirschi joins Amcom Technology

SAN RAMON, May 4th -- Amcom Technology is pleased to announce that Jon Hirschi will be joining the Product Development Team in our Amcom Computer Services division.

Jon brings a rich set of skills and experiences to the table, with skills ranging from software engineering (Adobe Flex, Adobe ColdFusion, Java, and AJAX), systems development life cycle (agile methodologies, and technical design), to business (process engineering, project management, and product management).

Jon is also an active member with the community with having authored technical articles, to co-authoring Flex 3 In Action, and participating in the Adobe Community Expert program.

Amcom Technology is a member of the Amcom companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Ramon). The company provides premium end-to-end technology services from Web 2.0/RIA software development, to network infrastructure and business intelligence.

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