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Some interesting news that has implications for BI: SAP and Sybase Put the Power of SAP Business Suite in the Hands of the Mobile Workforce

This new partnership between SAP and Sybase is a nice step forward for providing mobile based enterprise software. Considering that mobile devices now outnumber desktops, this partnership helps create an understanding of how to deliver BI and analytics to a mobile user. The ultimate goal is to allow that user to interact with their data, and to take action, wirelessly, in real time.

In my opinion, this is a good pairing. Business Objects (SAP) has a Mobile BI component as part of their Enterprise BI suite. This provides the software platform for delivering information to Web and mobile users. Sybase has the database tools in its ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) product that can provide warehousing and data integration. You can use Enterprise Connect to establish dynamic connections to data sources, and the Data Integrator for managing the ETL.

With a bit of creativity, we could probably find the same type of tool sets for Oracle and SQL Server solutions. For example, in SQL Server, using Linked Servers in place of Enterprise Connect, and SSIS packages in place of the Data Ingegrator. Regardless of the marketing spin, it's nice to see how you can mix and match existing products to create an architecture for Mobile BI.

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