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 Crystal Reports Print Control Error (csprintdlg.dll)

Any CR Developers out there ever come across this?

After applying SP1 to CR Designer (2008) for a CR 2008 Server evaluation, I was no longer able to print. I tracked the problem down to the Crystal Reports Print Control dialog box (csprintdlg.dll).

This was the error from InfoView:

And this in CR Designer 12:

In order to complete my evaluation, I replaced the DLL with a copy from before the install of the InfoView ActiveX print control, and the SP1 patch:

Everything's working fine now, but I'm curious to see if anyone experienced a similar problem. SAP hasn't replied to my eval support request, and I haven't found anything on the Web for this particular issue.

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I am also receiving the error from CR 2008
I am on version
I tried to replace the file from the cab and still receiving the error
# Posted By Lyle | 4/15/09 9:00 AM
Hey Lyle! Apologies on the delayed response. The only other way I found to resolve this error was to do a complete uninstall and clear out the registry. Still haven't heard back from SAP regarding my inquiry.
# Posted By Pano | 6/10/09 1:08 PM
We copied csprintdlg.dll & csprintdlg_res.dll from another machine that has no service packages applied and solved the problem.
# Posted By Richard | 9/29/09 1:48 PM
We had the same problem after applying SP1 and luckily, Richards trick seemed to solve the problem. Thanks Richard and no thanks SAP.
# Posted By Ari | 10/1/09 4:13 PM
What Windows SP are you on? According to SAP supprot it's Windows SP3 that breaks the ptint control. I tried what yousuggested and still no luck.
# Posted By Bobo | 12/1/09 8:04 AM
I have encountered Crystal Reports Print Control Errors as well. And i managed to solve it, having visited the torrent search engine and downloaded a good book on J2EE/Servlet etc. And error from CR 2008 does bother me any more.
# Posted By SALAMANDER | 12/8/09 1:46 AM

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