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 Alternate services while we wait for Meer Meer

For those of you who attended MAX 2008 you saw this awesome demo of an upcoming Adobe service called Meer Meer which lets you see what a web page looks like in any combination of OS and Browser.

But... until this service becomes available, what's a coder to do? Well we found two other options.

Cross Browser Testing (CBT) is one of them. You provide a URL, and it takes a graphical snapshot and sends it to you (about an hour later). Besides the lag time which would impede using the service to develop and test against, we found it doesn't really work too well.

BrowserCam is the other. It's similar to CBT is similar in that you submit a capture job and it goes into some screen capture queue which you can then go back into and retrieve. At least this one you only have to wait about 5 minutes for the results.

The services are better than nothing - but based on what I saw at MAX I eagerly await Meer Meer!

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Todd Rafferty mentioned the following today on Twitter... a beta product from Microsoft that looks like it could potentially be pretty slick.

I installed it, but unfortunately didn't get far. After updating my .NET framework (and having to restart), I installed the beta, but it kept crashing before the screen would ever fully draw :(

But in theory, it *sounds* pretty cool :)
# Posted By Charlie Griefer | 3/18/09 7:01 PM

Does pretty good - but it's very slow.
# Posted By todd sharp | 3/18/09 9:52 PM

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