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 Now Worshipping - Sr. Business Intelligence Engineer

Business Intelligence (B.I) is about getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

It provides the ability to connect the dots by taking raw information, analyzing it for patterns, and transforming it into human readable consumption. It enables management to have a constant pulse on the business, as well as being able to monitor changes in customer behavior, market conditions, the regulatory environment, and corporate position vs. competitors. By eliminating guess work the company can execute with a tactile competitive advantage.

Amcom Technology is currently looking for a Sr. Business Intelligence Engineer who can work with our customers to define their Business Intelligence needs, and then implement those needs.

The position requires someone passionate about growing their skills, and in doing so the opportunity to tailor ones career is ever present. Since the B.I Initiative is a relatively new service in our organization it allows anyone coming into this position to help define the vision, and take the B.I platform to as far as their imagination and desire can go.

Responsibilities Include (but not limited to):

  • Working with Executive Management to understand the information they need to drive the business.
  • Applying analytical skills to spot patterns and trends in raw data stores.
  • Develop published and interactive drill down dashboards that allow management to slice information into various perspectives.
  • Employ technologies that transform raw data into data warehouse repositories that facilitate self service reporting, and on-demand analytics.
  • Create forecasting models.
  • Managing data dictionaries.
  • Working with Software Developers to ensure that data is stored in a manner that facilitates the goals of B.I.
  • Define the long term B.I vision, and the roadmap to achieve it.
  • Utilize technologies like Crystal Reports, Business Objects, and/or anything that you recommend.
  • Utilize technologies like Adobe Flex, Excelcius, etc... to build B.I tools.

Additional opportunities:

  • Because we're a small organization, wearing many hats in addition to your primary role is common.
  • Additional roles can include SQL Server Database Administration, and/or Web Application Development.


  • Associates or Bachelors Degree.
  • Understanding of Programming Concepts.
  • Organized and detailed oriented.
  • Fast learner, with an ability to adapt (self motivated).
  • Ability to analyze raw information, someone analytical in nature.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong ability to understand how a particular business functions.
  • Strong financial analysis.

Technical Proficiencies:

  • Strong Database development skills in the areas of SQL, Stored Procedures, Views, and Schemas.
  • Strong data architecture skills.
  • Strong understanding of Crystal Reports and the Business Objects platform.
  • Strong understanding of Database fundamentals.
  • B.I/Reporting related technologies such as OLAP, OLTP, MS SQL Reporting Services, MS SQL Data Transformation Services.
  • Software development skills.


  • Dependent on Skills and Experience

Work closely with customers...

As a consulting company, this position entails working closely with the customer throughout the entire life cycle of the project. From the inception of the project where problem definition and business requirements are defined, to agile development and release, and assisting in achieving project ROI.

Wear many hats...

The primary role is that of development (80%-90%); however wearing many hats is a must. The various hats that can be worn, but not limited to, include: process engineer, release engineer, business analyst, I.T analyst, team lead, DBA, information architect, technical architect, usability engineer, designer, project manager, and product managers.

One of the advantages of working with Amcom is that your position can be custom tailored.

Influence change...

Working directly with our customers, often interfacing directly with the President and Executive staff, this position is a highly visible one. The ability to completely influence from a corporate level the processes and policies of technology and business management are very prevalent.

Leadership at all levels...

The position is a time demanding one, and requires someone naturally diligent, highly organized, self-motivated, extremely focused, and has a "do whatever it takes to win attitude. Amcom believes in leadership at all levels - we expect people to step up and lead in their areas.

Opportunities for growth...

As you grow we grow. All members of the team are critical to the growth of the company, and with that growth comes new opportunities. The further you progress with your talents and skills, the bigger the goals we're capable of achieving.

About Amcom (

Amcom Technology is a member of the Amcom companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Ramon). The company provides premium end-to-end technology services from Web 2.0/RIA software development, to network infrastructure and business intelligence.

Amcom consists of two other divisions which include Amcom Data Processing (ADP) and Amcom Computer Services (ACS).

Amcom Data Processing was founded on April 1, 1973, and has been involved with the oil industry since 1978 with distributors and retail operations. The company currently has relationships with six major oil companies and specializes in the premiere software solutions for the Service Station industry.

Amcom Computer Services focuses on outsourcing, facilities management, programming, training, and supporting computer systems of small and medium sized businesses.


  • San Ramon, CA.

  • Tariq Ahmed (tariq [AT] - Manager of Product Development

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