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 MAX 2008: New ColdFusion IDE Announced ("Bolt")

BoltLike many folks, I wasn't fortunate enough to be able to attend MAX this year, but thru the magic of the interwebs we were all able to "listen in" on today's keynote.

Some interesting information about FlexBuilder and Dreamweaver... but the big news for me, as well as a lot of ColdFusion developers, was the announcement of Bolt, a new Eclipse-based ColdFusion IDE.

There is not a lot of information available yet. The product isn't available for download. The best you can do is sign up for Adobe's prerelease program at What little information there is can be found at

Looking forward to hearing more about Bolt as information becomes available, as well as eventually test-driving a beta.

PS - Yes, I'm aware that the Bolt image above isn't the ColdFusion IDE Bolt. Best I could do for now. Hopefully Disney doesn't sue. :)

via Kristen Schofield's blog, what I assume to be the actual Bolt logo:

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