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 Amcom's Tariq Ahmed begins work on Flex 3 In Action

SAN RAMON, January 14th -- Amcom Technology's Manager of Product Development is set to write Flex 3 In Action, a beginners guide for those who are serious about Flex and need to get ramped up to a proficient level in a short period of time. Adobe Flex In Action

Flex 3 In Action (FiA) is a book for programmers who come from traditional web technologies, and progressively takes them on a journey of understanding. Flex can easily be frustrating to newcomers who are used to the ease of their current language, so FiA takes an approach of leveraging your existing skills by using examples that you can relate to in your current tech vs how it's done in Flex. It gradually introduces topics on an as needed basis so that you only need to worry about learning one thing at a time. Plus various ways of doing the same thing are explained in depth so that you understand your options... and lastly, FiA makes learning Flex fun.

Amcom Technology is a member of the Amcom companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Ramon). The company provides premium end-to-end technology services from Web 2.0/RIA software development, to network infrastructure and business intelligence.

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